At FGA we believe that intellectual capital is the most critical part of the equation which allows us to provide innovative solutions and a broader view of the companies we work with and ultimately, having a truly positive economic impact.
Our team are our most valuable asset,  they are proactive skilled problem solvers that see the various challenges in industries and acquisition targets as opportunities.
The extensive experience and talent the FGA team gives us a base of intellectual capital that we see as second to none.

*Not all members of the FGA Partners Team or Advisory Board are featured online, please confirm their affiliation with the firm via the contact form on this website

Louis Velazquez
Managing Partner
M. Pilar Gracia
Executive Legal Counsel
James Santi
Vice President
Jenner Gorn
EVP Acquisitions
Sanjay G Singh
Int’l Acquisitions
Bradford W Blakeley
Vice President
Chief Investment Officer
Erin Larsen
Vice President
Joseph Burke
VP Business Dev
Raditya Waga
VP Technology
Mahmoud Noor
Business Dev Africa
B. Aseidu
Business Dev West Africa
Gerald Roberts
VP Business Dev
Cecil Tengatenga
VP Int’l Business Dev
Gray Nthinda
Business Dev Africa
P. Vercel
Vice President
D’Angelo Christian
EVP Business Dev Antigua

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