FGA provides consulting services for private buyers and sellers of commercial real estate through out the United States, Canada and Europe. In some cases we work in a strategic partnership capacity with some clients and in other cases we work in the capacity as a consultant matching the property to the right buyer or as the direct representative of the seller.


FGA partners and clients are seeking to acquire various Off Market Real Estate opportunities through out the United States and Canada, some opportunities of  interest include Triple Net Free-Standing Single Tenant Retail, Shopping Centers, Large Shopping Malls, 4-5 Star Hotels, Industrial Real Estate, Office Buildings and Residential complexes with over 100 units per.


Transactions range typically starts anywhere from US$2 Million and up, decisions are made swiftly, with deals closing within a short window of time depending on the due diligence needed.


Other areas of interest include Casinos, Office Towers with retail presence, Apartment /Condominium Towers with retail presence and Land Development opportunities throughout the United States and Canada..


Please be prepared to supply us with a package of the property for sale.

**All documents and information are held in the highest of confidentiality**


FGA Partners can be an asset to national and regional chains that are seeking to liquidate a portion of their commercial real estate assets or secure commercial tenants.



FGA works with commercial real estate investors assisting them in completing both the sale and purchase end of their exchanges, we can work on both sides or one side of the transaction to complete the exchange for them. We work with commercial real estate sellers who are looking to be introduced as an option to commercial real estate investors who are looking to complete their exchange. Click here to find out more about 1031 Exchanges. Also you will find general information on Delaware Statutory Trusts or DST which more real estate investors are beginning to utilize as an addition to their 1031 transactions.


FGA works with REITS of all sizes assisting them in both the acquisition and disposition of commercial properties nationally and in some cases globally. From office towers / buildings to shopping centers, industrial properties, storage facilities, stand alone retail properties and various other income producing NN and NNN properties. FGA has the ability to bring forward viable properties that would be good additions to their current portfolio. Working in the capacity of a consultant we also have the ability to bring forward viable banking relationships, attorneys, accountants and other professionals that have a focus on Real Estate Investment Trusts.


FGA works directly with commercial real estate buyers and developers assisting them in securing the properties or land that they are seeking for their projects. We also work closely with retail chains in securing property leases for their new locations that fit their criteria.


We also assist Real Estate Developers/Buyers that have projects that are in need of commercial funding, feel free to contact us to find out how we can be an asset to you via our direct relationships with Commercial Funding Institutions and Investors. From Casinos to 4-5 Star Hotel Projects and Office Towers, FGA Partners can be a major asset to assisting Major Real Estate Buyers in securing funding for their projects.


Building strong long lasting relationships is very important to FGA and we look forward to potentially building such a relationship with your group.  Falcon Global Acquisitions also has the ability to work with Investors and other commercial funding institutions including Hedge Funds.


Both  Direct Off Market Real Estate Sellers and Buyers can contact FGA Partners at , We are always seeking to build strong long lasting relationships with both buyers and sellers.



FGA is always open to working with commercial real estate professionals worldwide with leads on acquisitions and dispositions involving direct contact with shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, strip malls, hotels, motels and land deals. A referral fee is paid upon closing. Just contact us to find out more.





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