FGA Partners provides our clients with various consulting/advisory services ranging from deal structuring, corporate restructuring, merger and acquisitions, commodities, legal, accounting and capital raising. We work closely with our clientele to insure that not only the process is as smooth as possible but they have a true understanding moving forward.
Our team works diligently on all of our projects, whether it involves a reverse merger, off market real estate transaction, commodity acquisition, company acquisition or merger, capital raise or logistics preparation, we insure that our service not only gets the job done but also lays the foundation for continued business.
We do work on a long term contract basis with clientele that require it.

Our goal is our clients success while keeping our services at very reasonable rates

Reverse Mergers

Private companies seeking to go public via a reverse merger normally contract FGA early on to insure that all the steps to continued growth are taken properly. Candidates should have a clear long term view of where they see their company headed, we always go that extra mile to assist our clients in realizing their realistic goals. We have strong relationships with legal professionals proficient in Securities law.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies, private or public, seeking out acquisition candidates should contact us to find out how we can help with that process, we are expert negotiators and will work diligently to open up doors in this area for your company. Since our areas of business are diversified and our team is experienced in these matters, it makes it that much smoother for FGA to fulfill your current and future acquisition goals. We have the ability to add substance to your legal team if needed via our strong relationships with legal professionals in Securities law.

Investment Banking

Companies seeking to initiate a capital raise, go public via a reverse merger or IPO or seeking to attract new business need to have a business plan, marketing plan, pitch deck & other marketing material including a solid website, proper accounting work and legal advice in order. FGA has to ability to work with consulting clients and guide them through the forest, prepare all the necessary paperwork, marketing materials and even a develop a website for them.

Commercial Real Estate

FGA provides commercial real estate owners and developers with commercial banking consultation, we have strong connections with various commercial banks, bridge loan groups, private banks and commercial real estate specific banks and lawyers. We work closely with owners and developers to offer them different avenues to streamline their projects, especially condominium development projects.

Gold & Diamonds

FGA works closely with miners and private buyers of gold and diamonds on a global basis to insure smooth and seamless transactions. In most cases one of our team members are physical present to walk through the entire process from logistics, paperwork, relationship building, the financial transaction and final closing of each transaction.


FGA has the relationships and ability to be an asset to companies seeking to liquidate large inventories of various products and commodities. This comes about sometimes as companies or manufacturers may have an overstock of items or items that are just not carried anymore, so its more cost effective to liquidate these items then warehouse them , which cost time and space. We work with clients liquidating most anything such as building supplies and equipment, toiletries, office furniture, office supplies, machinery, manufacturing equipment, raw commodities such as timber, cement and agri-products.


We are a relationship based group, our goal is to build a strong foundation with all of our clients for the long term, contact us to discuss how our team can be an asset to your company and its future growth.
We look forward to hearing from you, feel free to contact by filling out the form below

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