At the request of established clients, FGA Partners arranges the private buying and selling of gold in various forms such as Gold Dust / Alluvial Gold and Dore Bars, Nuggets and outdated hallmarked bullion in need of re-smelting. We work with miners and direct owners. We have the ability to arrange for the purchase of a minimum of 10 kilograms of gold dust from West Africa on a weekly or monthly contracted basis. The maximum single transactions would be 100 kilograms and that would be on a FOB basis, all export documents would be put in place to insure a smooth transaction. One of our team members would personally be present to facilitate the entire transaction from beginning to end.


In some cases Brinks may be involved in the transport of the precious metal but not usually from West African regions.


So if you are an owner or miner of gold and other precious metals and want to see if we can be an asset to you, feel free to contact via the contact form on this page.



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