Jenner Gorn is a corporate development strategist and transactional attorney, who has represented companies, private individuals, trusts, and foundations in to build and restructure companies, consolidation strategies, investment strategies, acquisition strategies, prepare and deliver investment pitches, and cultivate investor relationships. As a cofounder of real estate transactions, commercial deals, distribution contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and complex financial instruments. Ms. Gorn practiced law with Clark Thomas & Winters before joining the University of Texas at Austin as Associate Director of Development, and then went on to cofound a music label and distribution company represent private interests in the acquisition and financing of a casino and hotel complex, as well as complex distribution and licensing deals for entertainment clients.
As a founder, corporate executive, business consultant, and attorney, Ms. Gorn has worked to build and restructure companies, create consolidation strategies, develop investment strategies, analyze financial data, prepare and deliver investment pitches, cultivate investor relationships, develop acquisition strategies, identify acquisition targets, and negotiate acquisitions among all parties.
Ms. Gorn has negotiated with commercial banks, private banks, private equity firms, and private trusts to structure finance deals for real estate development companies, film production companies, and fashion companies. She negotiated the acquisition and financing of a casino and hotel complex. She structured a privately-held company to purchase a television production company, secured financing, and consulted on revisions to its programming, marketing, and ancillary products. She has reviewed and negotiated media consolidation strategies for independent film distribution companies. She has consulted with private foundations and public charities regarding their marketing and fundraising efforts and developed strategic plans for their growth. She restructured an international clothing manufacturer to relocate to the US and negotiated incentives and abatements with city and state officials.
Jenner Gorn is Executive Vice-President of Acquisitions of FGA Partners.

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