Gerald Roberts is a Member of the South Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF) on Maritime Port Security, Critical Infrastructure, Intermodal Transportation and Emergency Management. He has extensive experience of Command Center Operations and Public Safety of Major Special Events Secret Service and FBI details (Military Air Shows, U.S. Navy Fleet Week Maritime Port security, Super Bowl Special Events, NASCAR Championship and National level Concerts/Festivals (Tortuga music festival, JZ/Timberlake on the run tour, Katie Perry and Runaway Country).


Gerald Roberts is presently the Director of Security at the Miami Intermodal Center at the Miami International Airport. As Director of this dynamic transportation facility of which only a few exist in the world, daily collaboration and strategic coordination between the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administrations VIPER units and local law- enforcement is tasked by his office.


Daily control of facility access, public surveillance, traffic control, unattended / suspicious items (explosive ordinance / HAZMAT) is also coordinated by the director and his security team. Gerald has direct responsibilities for the scheduling, training and daily tactical operations of a 15 member state licensed security team, this team works daily with Miami Dade Airport police units, and other private security groups in providing public safety for this Two Hundred and Forty Million Dollar Florida Department of Transportation and Miami Dade Aviation property.


Gerald has 17 years of public safety and emergency management planning and operational experience that includes local, state, national and international special and sports events. In 2005 the Director of Parks & Recreations City of Fort Lauderdale, hired and appointed him to design and implement Special Event Public Safety Planning with the Fort Lauderdale Police and Fire Rescue special event team. Other responsibilities included implemented Enhanced Threat & Risk Assessment profiles conducted on all Special Events utilizing the DHS/FEMA emergency contingency planning framework, training programs on Incident Command Systems to support Emergency Response and Recovery, conduct trainings and table top exercises for all staff related to Hurricanes and All-Hazard incident Preparedness for the Departments emergency support function (ESF) within the City of Fort Lauderdale`s comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP).


As part of his department responsibilities Gerald served as Captain of Park Rangers, and instituted a computerized incident report system, fourteen Park Rangers were trained and became active members on the Department’s Emergency Response Team. Major Karen Dietrich FLPD Awarded a commendation for Gerald`s contribution to the Incident Commanders for special events.

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