Alan Goldberg is currently head of business development for FGA Partners’ Mega Movie Fund and serves as an advisory board member. Mr. Goldberg is the publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine, the largest free magazine in the U.S. today, his marketing creativity lead him to creating one of the nations hottest martial arts fads known as “The Action Martial Arts Magazine Collector Cards”. He also created the Law Enforcement Survival System (LESS), which was the only self-defense course taught to the NYC Emergency Service Unit of the New York City Police Department.  He starred in the series “Great Karate Inspirations” where he was the only representative of the Kung Fu community performing. He also was a part of a martial arts instructional video showcasing Wing Chun which was produced by Yamazato Productions, he appeared in Rising Suns Production of “Martial Arts Masters”.
Mr. Goldberg’s background in sports and entertainment spans from the world of martial arts as one of the premiere Wing Chun practioners in the world to Hollywood where he participated in numerous tv and film projects over the past thirty years. He built a startup martial arts expo over twenty years ago from the ground up, today it stands as one of the largest martial arts events of its kind in the world that takes place every January in the heart of Atlantic City, NJ at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.
Some other career and life highlights include his position as Vice President of Shaolin Brand Products , Board Member to The Martial Arts History Museum, Martial Arts of China Historical Society, Black Belt Magazine (Festival of Martial Arts)and  he has  been active recently in the Action Film industry where he produced four films and starred in over 8 different films over the past few years. He is a proud United States Marine Veteran who gives back to the military community via his projects.
On the martial arts front, Alan Goldberg is a Wing Chun Master and teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu in the heart of Brooklyn to a small but dedicated group of students.  The temple has been active for over 25 years and expanded it in to a thriving business locally. “I have had opportunities to expand, but I am really not interested in having a large school because it loses some of the tradition and close family ties that he has built with my students”. Stated Alan Goldberg.
The tradition continues as three of his oldest disciples teach in different areas across the U.S.A.  Other students include actor Joe Piscopo of Saturday Night Live, Heavy-weight world champion Demetrius “Oak tree” Edwards, who is notoriously known as the man who broke Mike Tyson’s ribs in a sparring match, World renown Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Pearl.  People associated with his Kung Fu Family include Phil Morris from the Seinfeld show and Joe Venneri from the Oldies group the Tokens (The Lion sleeps tonight) which had past members such as Neil Sedaka, Eddie Rabkin and Jay Seigel
Mr. Goldberg is the holder of  Black Belt Magazines “Kung Fu Instructor of the Year  2004 “  and holder of over  70 other  hall of fame awards.  He holds positions on many boards in major Martial Arts federations.  He is a founding member of Martial Arts Grand Master International Council (MAGIC), a founding member of WorldBlackBelt along with, Chuck Norris and Bob Wall and A board member of the International Sports Hall of Fame with Dr Bob Goldman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He was also one of the promoters and Vice President of 21st Century Warriors, which showcased some of the most legendary martial artists of our time.  This event saw the return of Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Royler Gracie, Orlando “The Warrior” Rivera, Dan “The Beast” Severn and others battling it out on Pay-Per View.

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