Whether it is as a firm or as individuals we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity in everything we do. There is no question that our word is our bond in every aspect of our business and our lives. We are continually growing from the things that we do and learning from any mistakes that we make, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions on every level. Our reputation is paramount and we adhere to the culture and values set forth by our leadership and through out the firm.


We are a firm that holds ourselves accountable for all that we do, for our decisions, our actions, our mistakes and yes even our lack of actions. This holds true as a firm and on an individual basis, its part of our culture. We encourage respect and support of one another, everyone has a voice and its every individuals responsibility to let that voice be heard, this is what adds to the fortitude of the firm on a daily basis. Respect is at the highest level and its that fortitude that affords us the ability to turn down a deal or investor if it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t adhere to our outlook, even if its at the eleventh hour. Our mandate is to make good on our commitments and obligations to our partners, subsidiaries, stakeholders and each other as individuals.


There is no question that Teamwork is the heart and soul of how we work as a firm. Collaboration across subsidiaries and our team is an important part of how we operate on a daily basis, the purpose is for this is to produce the best results that we can. Turning over every stone, hearing everyone’s voice and helping one another to achieve the success and results that we are seeking, whether its an acquisition, capital raise, new business venture or something on an individual basis, we pride ourselves in Teamwork. More can be accomplished as a team than as individuals, so working in tandem are the wheels that make our FGA spin forward. Our team shares in the success of FGA and that is why we strongly believe in our people having a vested interest in our success and benefit from it.


As a firm, innovation is and will always be at the forefront. We do not adhere to the old way of doing things, we look towards ways to innovate every aspect of our firm and our subsidiaries. We promote thinking outside of the box and we are self starter as a firm and as individuals, we do not rest on our successes or lay down from our mistakes. We innovate, create new ways of doing things, idea driven, out of the box thinking, incorporating passion in everything that we do. We dispense with the office politics and bureaucracy , we focus on the thoughts and ideas that will drive FGA into the future. We are entrepreneurs at heart and will continue to work that way for many decades to come.


Diversity, one of the cornerstones of FGA, we value it, are committed to bringing the best of the best to our team. That diversity allows us to create a well rounded and culturally diverse environment across companies which is definitely reflective of the firm, investors and partners. Our firm is all inclusive and a cornucopia of people with different backgrounds, and we are agnostic to whether its a man or woman, their background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation, we are everyone and everyone is FGA in short. This outlook allows us to bring forward the best fits for our family and fortify our strength moving forward down the line.


At FGA we make it a point to lead not through words but by example, to be the best at what we do, even at times if its not pretty. We don’t adhere to the norm, we set the bar very high as individuals and a firm as a whole to push hard to exceed even our own expectations. Results is what its about, our team are results driven and work diligently to achieve those results for the firm, investors, our partners, our companies and for themselves. FGA’s success is only as great as the individuals that form it, this is our guiding light as we move into the future.



People, that is what any business is about, its about the people, and we know that people do business with people who they feel comfortable with, have a high level of trust and above all that they like in general. FGA is definitely a relationship driven firm, we hold that with great responsibility and honor those relationships with a true commitment , both with in our firm and outside. We build strong partnerships with this in mind, in the end you can build a strong reputation over decades and in an instant with one wrong move that reputation can be tainted forever, our entire team understands this. This is why there is no room for egos, arrogance or selfishness at FGA, we do whats right for our people, investors, our partners and our companies.

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