FGA Partners works with real estate developers and land owners worldwide to provide them with cost effective, high quality solutions to complete their projects. Whether they are developing residential communities, commercial buildings or industrial buildings, FGA has the ability to be an asset via its subsidiary Spartan Modular Technologies.
Spartan Modular’s focus is in the innovative modular construction arena incorporating smart technology. The team works closely with the developers to assist them from concept to completion, taking all aspects into consideration such as time, cost, value and long term goals.
Our subsidiary provides our development partners with cost effective smart builds that provide water, mold, insect and vermin proof builds that are also fire retardant, earthquake and hurricane resistant. Utilizing a structural panelized system allows for cost effective and timely builds which reduce the waste dramatically at the construction sites.
Spartan Modular is not limited but these are the areas that are typically worked in, commercial buildings such as office buildings, single tenant buildings, strip malls, shopping malls and office towers. In residential development the areas worked in include residential communities, high end luxury homes, residential buildings and towers.
FGA has the ability to work with developers utilizing Spartan Modular Technologies’ smart builds on the financing end , assisting them in acquiring the necessary financing for their viable real estate development projects.


Take a look at the video below to get an idea of the work that can be done for those developers and landowners that work with FGA.

Real Estate Developers and Land Owners can contact us and inquire how they can work with FGA on their projects.

Below are links to current projects that we are working on, general information can be found there.

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