FGA Partners works closely with property owners who have commercial real estate and are looking to facilitate an off market transaction. In some cases FGA would be the buyer, in other cases FGA may act as a consultant for the buyer or seller. Some properties may include industrial, office buildings, raw land, warehouses, stand along triple net developments or established properties, strips malls/shopping centers and portfolios.


We work with the utmost discretion whether we are the direct buyer or not. We work within our network of buyers to target the right buyer for the property we are representing. We do work with private equity firms, REITS, venture capital firms and major corporations who are frequently in search of commercial properties that fit their particular criteria.


Real Estate owners that are looking to Sell their property on an off market basis can feel free to contact us at 646.397.0588 or via our contact form on this page so we can discuss the options.

Disclaimer: FGA Partners is not a U.S. Securities Broker/ Dealer nor Investment Advisor, any offers presented on this website or presented by a representative of FGA Partners requires due diligence by providers and/or purchasers. FGA makes no warranty as to the validity of any financial instruments presented either on this website or in any presented format By FGA and states that all required due diligence is the sole responsibility of the provider and/or purchaser, their legal representatives and/or assigns. however FGA Partners will make every effort to assist the provider and/or purchaser in their preliminary due diligence process.

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