FGA Partners are an asset to our clients who are considering selling all or part of their businesses. In some cases FGA may be the purchaser of the asset or acquirer of the subsidiary. Our clientele have been both public and private entities from a number of different industries including manufacturing, logistics, casinos, retail and real estate to name a few, this is both in the United States and Internationally.


Having deep knowledge and experience in the sale of companies, subsidiaries and divisions with transaction values anywhere from $5mm to the billion dollar range gives us insight to assist our clients to meet or exceed their expectations. With strong contacts across varies areas of business and finance add to the value that we bring to our clientele. These contacts along side our discipline and experience enable us to quickly develop a line up of qualified buyers and move forward to opening up dialogue with the key decision-makers.


FGA sales and divestiture services include:


Transaction Valuation
We work closely with our clients in order to determine the probable selling price of the entire business or a subsidiary prior to initiating contact with any potential buyers. This encompasses the potential synergy benefits, forecasts, goodwill and the impact on the earnings of the potential acquirers company. Whether its an all cash purchase, all stock purchase or a combination of stock, cash and debt, FGA evaluates each scenario to insure proper valuations for our clients company.


FGA works closely with our clients so that we may assist them in putting together an in-depth memorandum to present to potential acquirers, giving them the appropriate information to perform their due diligence prior to engaging in acquisition talks.


Identification & Evaluation of Potential Buyers
FGA conducts an extensive research to identify, evaluate and qualify potential buyers. We work hand in hand with our clients to identify potential buyers that will benefit the most from an acquisition or merger with our client’s company.


Sale Methodology
FGA works closely with our clients to put together a comprehensive plan of action in order to bring our clients company to the attention of the best possible fits for the company. We believe that discretion is a key element in this process in order to make an informed and truly diligent decision that will be beneficial to both our client and the potential acquirer.


FGA’s managing partners are deeply involved in all negotiations on behalf of our clients, they are on the front line from the point of the client issuing non-disclosure agreements and/or employment agreements, sales and purchase agreements and letters of intent. FGA communicates with and also coordinates meetings with our clients and the acquirer along with their respective teams.


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If you’re interested in selling all or part of your cash flow positive business, whether its publicly traded or privately held, feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion.

Disclaimer: FGA Partners is not a U.S. Securities Broker/ Dealer nor Investment Advisor, any offers presented on this website or presented by a representative of FGA Partners requires due diligence by providers and/or purchasers. FGA makes no warranty as to the validity of any financial instruments presented either on this website or in any presented format By FGA and states that all required due diligence is the sole responsibility of the provider and/or purchaser, their legal representatives and/or assigns. however FGA Partners will make every effort to assist the provider and/or purchaser in their preliminary due diligence process.

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