In today’s global economy both publicly traded and privately held companies are looking to take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities that are available.


Mergers and acquisitions have hit new highs over the past few years and that M&A trend of consolidation should continue to ramp up as we move through 2020 moving forward into the next 3-5 years.


Organic growth is always the goal but strategic acquisitions that could be accretive to a publicly traded company inside of 12-24 months is a true benefit. Igniting growth is what investors crave beyond yield and it doesn’t matter whether a company is traded on the Nasdaq Capital or Global Markets, New York Stock Exchange, OTC Markets or on an International Exchange, growth is what matters. Many companies that are publicly traded may have institutional investors such as private equity funds, mutual funds, pension funds and that one activist investor as shareholders. In all of those cases its the obligation of the management to spark growth, one way would be organic of course but lining up a strategic acquisition or merging with a compatible company could be key.


In some cases the management may feel that being acquired could be a better alternative to maximize returns for their shareholders. FGA Partners can be an asset in either of these situations. FGA may look to be the acquirer or act as a consultant to facilitate the merger or acquisition. We can assist emerging growth companies on many levels.


FGA Partners works with viable micro, small and midcap companies providing them with merger and acquisition advisory services, both on United States exchanges and International Exchanges. We work closely with each client to ensure the success of the transaction.


We work hard to understand the goals of each client and work towards those goals; our main focus for all of our clients is to create value for the company and their shareholders.


And it doesn’t stop there, we will also work with our clients to assist them in raising the necessary capital to complete a merger or acquisition as well as offer legal and accounting advisory services.

Our Acquisition Services include:


Strategic Acquisition Review
First and foremost FGA reviews and evaluates each client’s acquisition strategy. We take the time to work closely with our clients in evaluating their markets, growth objectives, required product technology and integration to define proper acquisition parameters and candidates. We not only give an analysis of their current status but paint a picture for their long term and sustained growth. We think outside of the box and this gives FGA the ability to bring forward strategic ideas to enhance our clients value and growth potential.


Identification of Potential Targets
FGA works closely with our clients in developing potential acquisition targets that meet our clients’ parameters, needs and optimize their operational leverage. Every potential acquisition candidate is approved by our clients prior to contact being made with them on their behalf.


Evaluation of Acquisition Targets
FGA along with our clients evaluates the operations, technology, management and future prospects of every potential acquisition candidate. This is a critical process as it allows us to determine the viability of the acquisition candidate and their potential value longer term to our client.


FGA on behalf of our clients negotiate the terms and offering price for each potential acquisition candidate. We work hand in hand with our clients from the first steps of negotiation to the issuance of the letter of intent and subsequent purchase and sales agreement.


Additional Services Offered to Clients


Legal and Accounting Advisory Services
FGA can provide legal and accounting advisory services to our clients ranging from basic to the more complex with basic advisory begin a part of our advisory services. When moving forward with an acquisition it is imperative to have legal and accounting representation in order to avoid any possible pitfalls as well as to not only properly evaluate a potential acquisition but also to strategically plan the path to growth. FGA’s top notch legal and accounting team has the ability and experience to provide clients with the guidance they need in order to reach their goals the right way. The scope of legal work can span from legal opinions, legal due diligence to the development of private placement memorandums and letters of intent, while the scope of accounting work spans from the analysis of a company’s financials to the development of financial statements for reporting and nonreporting companies.


Capital Raising Advisory Services
FGA does work closely with our clients in order to provide them with the necessary tools for growth via acquisition. We are able to develop creative solutions for all cash or stock + cash acquisitions, our experienced team of capital raising professionals have the ability to structure capital raising for an acquisition that is favorable to the client. Our team also works with clients on their capital raising endeavors for internal projects for growth, whether it be debt, equity or a combination of both.


So if you are a publicly traded or privately held company and are looking to grow by acquisition or are looking to be acquired you should contact us at 646.397.0588. 
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Disclaimer: FGA Partners is not a U.S. Securities Broker/ Dealer nor Investment Advisor, any offers presented on this website or presented by a representative of FGA Partners requires due diligence by providers and/or purchasers. FGA makes no warranty as to the validity of any financial instruments presented either on this website or in any presented format By FGA and states that all required due diligence is the sole responsibility of the provider and/or purchaser, their legal representatives and/or assigns. however Falcon Global Acquisitions will make every effort to assist the provider and/or purchaser in their preliminary due diligence process.

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