Spartan Modular Technologies to Become Subsidiary of Blockchain and Smart Technology Company Megahoot, LLC


MAY 3, 2019 It was announced today that modular technology company, Spartan Modular Technologies “Spartan”, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of blockchain and smart technology company Megahoot, LLC as of May 15, 2019.
The combination of Spartan Modular Technologies and Megahoot, LLC will create a seamless modular and smart technology development division which would put the combined company at the forefront of sustainable smart construction in both the residential and commercial real estate arenas. Spartan will be incorporating existing and new technologies brought forward by Megahoot into its builds which will provide real estate developers with the most advanced and secure smart technology while keeping developments as cost effective as possible.
One of the innovations that will be coming out of Spartan Modular Technologies is the implementation of smart panels that will allow for existing residential and commercial buildings to incorporate wired and wireless smart technology without completely gutting out existing construction. This will make renovations more rapid and cost effective for building owners and allow them to plug into the smart cities that are being developed globally.
The advancement of blockchain technology and the innovation that Megahoot is making in the smart technology arena will allow Megahoot to provide the highest level of security for smart homes and buildings globally, giving real estate developers of both high end and affordable housing the unique ability to provide their occupants with the latest secure smart technology cost effectively.
This will also open the doors for Spartan to work closely with government agencies in many countries to provide affordable housing, educational facilities, government facilities, sporting arenas as well as portable units for emergency government headquarters in the wake of disasters and temporary housing for effected areas. Spartan is also in talks to develop infrastructure internationally utilizing its proprietary composite material for most projects cost effectively. This will reduce construction time, pollution, traffic congestion, create viable skilled jobs and provide a sustainable cost effective solution for governments with limited resources. The implementation of private public partnerships will also be an avenue that Megahoot/Spartan would entertain to align with the right project partners.
Currently Spartan has real estate development agreements in place that total over $700MM and growing, the company is in talks to provide infrastructure solutions internationally that could bring potential revenue of well over $1B to the company over the next 24 months, Spartan is also exploring various avenues of revenue generation via strategic partnerships with innovative companies within smart city initiatives. Megahoot recently announced its strategic global partnerships in blockchain, mobile and private collaboration platforms would bring in potential revenue of $150MM to the company by the end of first quarter 2020. Megahoot will also be unveiling its ever growing ecosystem of platforms for the enterprise and public sectors that could potentially lead to a $1B in revenue generation over the next 24 months. Some areas include mobile and desktop gaming, private collaboration platforms such as messenging and video/phone conferencing, real time filing sharing and digital document execution, social networking capabilities and much more.
“Our team works very hard to bring the best to the forefront for our company and the general public, I’ve never been so enthused about the future of Megahoot than I am right now. Aligning Spartan with Megahoot was inevitable as we are in the midst of the Internet of not just things but of Everything, our goal is to provide the most innovative and secure platforms to the forefront and the only way to do that in real estate is to streamline the process to make it seamless. We still have so much work to do and this is the first step of many for Megahoot, the future is bright and thank you to everyone that has supported our efforts along the way”. Stated Louis Velazquez, CEO of Megahoot.
About Megahoot LLC
Megahoot is a Technology Company focused on secure private collaboration platforms for business and personal use, incorporating ephemeral messaging, high security, use of cryptography and secure mobility. Products include the Megahoot Vault which is a digital vault for highly secure holding of various cryptocurrencies, loyalty tokens and soon digital documents. With the use of blockchain technology Megahoot will be venturing into various industries from smart homes to health care and more utilizing its blockchain technology platform that will allow corporations globally to create dedicated blockchain networks for their businesses for everything from accounting, logistics, supply chain management, security, education and much more. Megahoot LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FGA Partners. For more information on Megahoot please go to www.megahoot.com.
About Spartan Modular Technologies
Spartan Modular Technologies is a technology company that is revolutionizing how construction is done today via next generation modular construction. Spartan is in the business of manufacturing smart technology modular builds for both residential and commercial purposes, these builds incorporate green technology to achieve Net Zero Standards as well as other next generation smart technology. This smart technology will be also be used for next generation Command Center builds, stand alone educational units and more. The Spartan panelized smart technology system will be used in the renovation within hotels, office buildings, hospitals and medical offices. Spartan via their parent company FGA Partners (Falcon Global Acquisitions), works closely with developers, governments and land owners in the development of affordable, middle market and high end modular homes. As well as both small and large scale commercial projects all incorporating innovative smart technology modular construction. This is both domestically and internationally. For more information please go to www.spartanmodular.com
About FGA Partners
FGA Partners, formerly Falcon Global Acquisitions, was founded in 1998 and is a private equity firm with a keen focus on technology driven companies in the cybersecurity, smart technologies and blockchain technology arenas. The focus is on companies that have synergy with current FGA subsidiaries, companies that may have been mismanaged, may have little to no access to additional capital or may have been stunted due to lack of organic growth.
For more information please go to www.fgapartners.com
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