Private Equity Firm FGA Partners Appoints Gregory C. Morse and James D Kirk Jr to the Advisory Board of Megahoot and FGA


(April 1, 2019)  It was announced today that private equity firm FGA Partners “FGA” has appointed Gregory C. Morse and James D Kirk Jr. to the firms advisory board, it was further announced that Morse and Kirk will also be serving as board advisors for FGA’s subsidiary Megahoot, LLC.
Megahoot has been growing rapidly in the Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology and Smart Technologies sectors and there is a need for specific advisory board members that can be instrumental in guiding the company into its next phase this year.
“The addition of Greg Morse and Jim Kirk onto FGA’s advisory board will bring a wealth of knowledge and long standing relationships that would be very beneficial to both FGA and Megahoot as we move forward. We are looking to increase the advisory board over the next several months adding much needed diversity and depth to the board for the better of the firm and Megahoot. We are embarking on a path that we feel will have an impact on how we live our lives in the future, from personal data security, secure financial transactions, transparency in business transactions, affordable smart construction/infrastructure and so much more, I’m very excited about the future prospects for our firm and our family of companies.” Stated Louis Velazquez, Managing Partner of FGA Partners and CEO of Megahoot.
About Gregory C. Morse
Gregory C. Morse is a decorated United States Navy Lieutenant Commander and United States Air Force Captain veteran that is a qualified in F-4 pilot and a weapons/tactics technician. Mr. Morse during his military tenure was appointed by the United States Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff to act as the commanding officer in charge of exercising and developing the oversight authority of an airfield evacuation task force team which comprised of approximately 185 staff personnel. His team was responsible for the recommendation of airfield design and construction, air space utilization, land acquisition from civilian municipalities, coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, noise impact evaluation, aircraft maintenance facilities, fixed based operations and facility designs which impacted select USAF, USN and joint use military and civilian airfields located in the United States from 1978-2000.
He was the developer and co-owner of North Dallas Jetport, an airplane design group which focused on airport design for the City of Frisco airport annexation, zoning and planning activities. This included insuring FAA compliance and coordinating the support of Ross Perot, Texas Public Utility Commission and the general public. His background in aviation led him to developing various multi-axis full motion simulator systems for the Saab-Scania SF 340 aircraft and becoming a driving force with the sanctioning the sport of Unlimited Air Racing which included negotiating with ESPN Television and Lingner Group Productions, use rights contracts and coordination with the FAA.
He was a driving force with Unity + , a energy generation research and development company, dealing with all R&D operations, budget control, capital raising and energy industry relations management. In this position he interacted and negotiated with business leaders such as former GE CEO Jack Welch to manufacture vetted technology united and implement worldwide market penetration activities.
Mr. Morse is also a specialist as it relates to aviation technology, implementation and regulations, he was a 4A College Football All State Guard prior to joining the United Stated Air Force and then the United States Navy for a total 15 year tenure that focused on special military assignments with the Department of Defense.
About James D. Kirk Jr.
James D. Kirk Jr. is a commercial and residential development specialist who has over the past 45 years designed, built and furnished commercial builds for management sales firms , including SAI, serving 125 fortune 500 companies, foreign entities and US Government Agencies. His background in construction led Mr. Kirk to becoming a consummate inventor of new technologies for the construction industry, from building materials, components to modular systems with a keen focus on structural strength, fire protection, thermal insulation, water and mold proofing which reduce costs, increase labor efficiency and reduce build times.
Mr. Kirk was the inventor of the first precision forming 5/8” commercial grade gypsum wall board self supporting/structuring wall panels. He led a team that focused on quality, durability, effectiveness and scalability of a structural panel system that produced unprecedented ease, economy and flexibility to modular builds and interior construction in the commercial and residential space. The panelized system known as the “Kirkwall System” resulted in rapid construction of interior systems such as partitions, soffits, ceilings and column covers, they were created to be non-combustible, demountable and re-usable.
He has structured deals with companies such as the Alfa Group, Monterrey, Mexico Pemex Tower, Mexico City and RIGIPS a German based gypsum company. This led Mr. Kirk to continue implementing cost effective and efficient methods for the construction industry, he next invention was C-Stix, a lightweight and very strong framing systems that can replace 2”x3” through 2”x12” lumber in most construction applications. It provides straight C-channels and rectangular shapes that along with special fittings that join the C-Stix elements such as studs, plates, headers and joists. The flexibility of design allows for the attachment of drywall, cement board, OSB and plywood if desired.
Mr. Kirk is the founder of the J. Douglass and Virginia Davis Kirk Foundation for Human Harmony. He is also the holder of dozens of patents and trademarks from livable panelized foundations, insulated concrete forms, steel composite open web structures, expandable space units cubes and panels. His passion lies in creating more efficient and cost effective ways for the construction industry to not only build homes and buildings but also for infrastructure projects as the United States and other sovereign nations continue to repair their municipal infrastructures. Making them affordable, sustainable and timely to erect.
About FGA Partners
FGA Partners, formerly Falcon Global Acquisitions, was founded in 1998 and is a private equity firm with a keen focus on technology driven companies in the cybersecurity, smart technologies and blockchain technology arenas. The focus is on companies that have synergy with current FGA subsidiaries, companies that may have been mismanaged, may have little to no access to additional capital or may have been stunted due to lack of organic growth.
For more information please go to www.fgapartners.com
About Megahoot LLC
Megahoot is a Technology Company focused on secure private collaboration platforms for business and personal use, incorporating ephemeral messaging, high security, use of cryptography and secure mobility. Products include the Megahoot Vault which is a digital vault for highly secure holding of various cryptocurrencies, loyalty tokens and soon digital documents. With the use of blockchain technology Megahoot will be venturing into various industries from smart homes to health care and more utilizing its blockchain technology platform that will allow corporations globally to create dedicated blockchain networks for their businesses for everything from accounting, logistics, supply chain management, security, education and much more. Megahoot LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FGA Partners. For more information on Megahoot please go to www.megahoot.com.
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